Kauai Real Estate – South Side August 2019 Update

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Waiohai beach

The real estate market for the south side of the Kauai island had a great month in August. Both the number of sales and sales volume were up. Interest rates are still very attractive for buyers.

Sales Volume for South Side Kauai Real Estate

The sales volume for the Koloa district is up 172% when comparing August 2019 to August 2018. In August of 2018 the total volume of sales for residences was $10,461,000. At the close of August 2019 the sales volume for residences in the Koloa district totaled $28,495,900. A difference of $18,034,900. That is significant.

Number of Sales for South Side Kauai Real Estate

The total number of sales on the south side of Kauai are up too. In August of 2018 the total number of residential sales were 13. In August of 2019 the total number of residential sales totaled 21. The is a 61.54% increase.

Kauai Real Estate Inventory

Inventory around the island continues to dwindle. In 2015 there was close to 1200 properties for sale. We are currently sitting at 640 listings total. This includes vacant land, multifamily, commercial, residential, and condominium properties. The residential and condominium total is sitting at 458 properties.

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