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I recently did a blog post on how the Maliula Private Residence Club 1/12th interest works. Shortly after publishing that post I received a request from a current Timbers Owner to discuss what they believed to be one of the significant benefits of ownership that common ownership of a vacation home doesn’t give you. That is the Timbers Reciprocity Program (TRP). Below is what this gentleman said.

JP, nice explanation. We recently bought in Kiawah.  I would suggest a similar explanation of reciprocity as to me,  it’s one of the great benefits of ownership with Timbers.

Timbers Kiawah Owner

Timbers Reciprocity Program

The Timbers Reciprocity Program allows owners within the Timbers Collection the ability to trade and travel throughout the collection. Owners are free to trade their planned weeks with other owners at other properties located around the globe. An owner at Timbers Kauai can trade one of their planned weeks for a visit to Casali De Casole which is located in Tuscany Italy. The process is straightforward and is done online. There is a small admin fee, and the only other cost is the nominal cost of the cleaning fee at that resort.

Timbers Kauai Real Estate JP

Visit Multiple Resorts

The great thing about the Timbers Reciprocity Program is that you can visit many beautiful resorts around the world. I’ve met many owners from different properties at Timbers Kauai. Many of them have visited several of the properties within the collection. The gentleman that asked me to write about the reciprocity program was actually in Colorado visiting One Steamboat Place. He is currently an owner at Timbers Kiawah. He loves the ability to not only own at one of our resorts within the collection but the ability to visit several around the world.

How does reciprocity work?

The process is simple for the owner. The owner goes through the reservation process of selecting their weeks at their home property. For Timbers Kauai, this would take place in the spring and summer with confirmation of planned weeks happening by August 1st. After this date, owners can start depositing weeks that they don’t believe that they are going to use.

In exchange for the deposited week. The owner receives a credit. This credit is good for two years from the time of the deposit. This ability to deposit weeks is great for an owner that has a busy year and can’t take advantage of going on vacation. They will then be able to use their weeks in the future at any resort within the Timbers Reciprocity Collection.

Trade an experience for an experience

Once the owner has the credit, they can now make a withdrawal at any property where another owner has made a deposit. An owner here at Timbers Kauai could trade a 3-bedroom 1/12th residence for a 4-bedroom residence in Tuscany, Italy. In the reciprocity program, a week is equal to a week. Or what we like to say is that you are trading an experience for an experience.

Each resort is unique to its destination

Within the Timbers Collection, you will find that each property is unique and has their thing. Timbers Kauai is all about experiencing the best Hawaii has to offer. That means swimming in the ocean, soaking up the warm sun rays at the beach, listening to the palm trees blowing in the wind, and experiencing all the beauty that Kauai has to offer. The amount of green you see on Kauai is unreal. That is why it’s called “The Garden Island.” If you’re going to a ski resort like Dancing Bear in Aspen, you can expect to enjoy mountain life and all skiing you can imagine.

Reciprocity Timbers Kauai Real estate
Aspen, Colorado


As a result, If your dream is to own something on Kauai, but you aren’t sure if you are going to be able to make it to Kauai every year, then reciprocity is going to be huge for you. Not only can you own a luxury home for a fraction of the cost on Kauai, but you also can trade and travel with like-minded people in some of the most sought after destinations in the world. Each Timbers Resorts Property is known for the same attention to detail and ability to take care of the owners. Timbers Resorts has a strong reputation for providing top of the line service and experiences.

If you would like more details on ownership and how this might be a good fit for you, please call me at 808-482-4605.

Please comment below and share with friends that you think would be a great fit to join our Timbers Kauai ohana!

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