Timbers Kauai Maliula Luxury Private Residence Club Usage Explained

When I speak to people about visiting Hawaii, many people say that their favorite island is Kauai.   I don’t blame them. Kauai is literally an American paradise.  Kauai is beautiful and rural enough to give you the feeling you would expect of being in Hawaii.   

Real Estate ownership on Kauai isn’t cheap

Which then leads to many people looking for options for property here on Kauai.   It doesn’t take long to see that ownership on Kauai isn’t cheap and what you can get for under $500,000 isn’t what one might expect.   If you look for a condo in any of the resort areas that are under $500,000 you will be hard-pressed to find something built in this millennia or anything larger than a one-bedroom.   Vacation home ownership all of sudden doesn’t seem feasible.   

Timbers Kauai Private Residence Club

Timbers Kauai Maliula Kitchen

That is where our luxury private residence club shines!   The Maliula 1/12th Club offering is perfect for anyone looking for a vacation home on Kauai without the hassles of a vacation home.   If you travel to Kauai for two to five weeks a year then there isn’t anything better than the Maliula 1/12th Club Interest. These are brand-new oceanfront multimillion-dollar residences that you can buy at a fraction of the cost of a multi-million dollar home.    You buy a fraction of luxury home with like-minded people.   

Timbers Resorts has 20 years experience

Over the past 20 years, Timbers Resorts has perfected this model of ownership and has created a way for people to own homes in the most amazing places without any of the worries that come with second homeownership.  On top of that, you aren’t restricted to certain weeks or one residence in particular.   This works to the owner’s best interest because it creates the most flexibility for owners to visit when they want to visit.  One of the things we say here at Timbers Kauai is that it is one thing to own a beautiful property in a beautiful place, but if you can’t come here when you want to come here then what’s the point?

Timbers Kauai

You aren’t limited to three weeks per year!

This program is by far the most flexible I have ever heard of. The Maliula Club interest owner has a guaranteed minimum of 3 weeks per year to schedule whenever they like on the calendar. Plus you also have unlimited space available and short notice.   That means you can come here and stay as much as you like when there is space available at NO ADDITIONAL COST other than a nominal house cleaning fee.   And the great news is that more often than not there will be space available.


16 additional Space Available weeks per residence

At Timbers Kauai, there are seventeen Maliula Club Interests.   When Timbers Kauai sells out, if all 12 owners of each of the 17 residences books their 3 weeks, we will still have 272 extra weeks of space available for the owners to use whenever they want.   Space Available is the time that is specifically there for owners to use.  Timbers Kauai doesn’t touch it or rent out space available time.  This means that owners can feel good about knowing that they will have opportunities to come and visit more often should they choose to do so.  

Use two residences in the same week

Another benefit to the owner is that you can use two of your planned weeks within one week and get two residences. Or use one of your planned weeks and space available weeks in the same week to get two residences.


Usage within the Timbers Kauai Private Residence Club is very flexible. I know of one Maliula Club owner that has been here four times on space available in a span of 5 months. He is taking full advantage of how flexible the usage is. This style of ownership works and Kauai is the perfect place for it. If you come to Kauai between three and five weeks a year this style of ownership is for you.

Please call me at 808-482-4605 or comment below if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide more details.


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