Top Five Reasons To Buy Fractional Real Estate In A Luxury Private Residence Club

If you’re like me a few years ago, I had no idea what ownership in a private residence club meant.   Do I own real estate? Is it something I can sell? Does it hold value?  Can I visit when I want to visit?  Well… the short answer is, yes.  And now that I have been working with Timbers Kauai I can speak confidently about the benefits of ownership within the Luxury Private Residence Club that we offer here at Timbers Kauai.

Top 5 reasons for buying fractional real estate

  1. Second home ownership without the hassles of second home ownership.  That’s right.   You don’t have to worry about the roof leaking or if your toilet needs to be repaired.   You don’t have to worry about paying your property taxes, utilities, or any other types of different bills.  You know that when you show up, everything will be working just as it was intended to.  You are no longer spending your vacations on different projects that need to be tended to.  Everything is taken care of for you. On top of that, just like any other residence you own, you can visit when you want to.  The way our usage is set up here at Timbers Kauai allows you the ability to come when you want to.
  2. You own a multimillion-dollar residence at a fraction of the cost.  One of the main reasons people buy fractions or into our private residence club is because, for some people, it doesn’t make sense to buy the million dollar vacation home if you are only going to spend four to six weeks out of the year using it.
  3. Fee Simple deeded ownership.  This is real property.  You can sell it at any time without any restrictions, and the great news is that the value of your fraction will mirror whatever the real estate market is doing.   You can even pass it on to loved ones if you choose to.
  4. Ability to travel to world-class resorts.  With Timbers Kauai, we currently have 14 properties within the Timbers Reciprocity Program that allow you the ability to trade and travel throughout the collection.   Our luxury resorts are located in highly sought after areas with amazing residences and the service to match.  You can be confident in knowing that if you visit a Timbers Resorts property, you know what you are getting.
  5. Pride of ownership. You are buying with like-minded people.  Many of our owners are very successful in their chosen endeavors.  We have doctors, lawyers, real estate developers, authors, talented high-level executives,  and business owners.  Many of them could afford to buy another home and or already own multiple homes but see the value in purchasing a residence based on how much they actually plan to use it.   Plus, for many of our owners, it feels good knowing that they are sharing ownership of a residence with someone that is going to take care of the home as much as they would.

The Main Reason

These top five reasons cover a lot, but what they don’t include is the main reason for buying.   The main reason for buying is what YOU imagine it will do for you and your loved ones.   What is the feeling you will get from coming to vacation with Timber Kauai? For many, this is a place to reconnect with family, whether it’s on the golf course or out at the beach.  Maybe it’s on a magical hike to a private waterfall.  A chance to take a break and let your hair down.  A moment to relax and let someone else do the planning of your vacation activities and then you decide if you want to partake.  Maybe its the excitement of owning at Kauai’s newest and best resort on the island.

None of the five reasons listed above will mean anything if this doesn’t create the lifelong memories you are searching.

We are confident in our ability to deliver on those lifelong memories that will be spoken of for generations to come.

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